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Other passengers with special needs
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Other passengers with special needs
Stretcher passengers

1. Transportation requirements

If you are unable to sit upright in your seat during the whole flight from takeoff to landing, you can apply to us for stretcher service. If you need to apply for stretcher service, please submit an application to the ticket office directly under Air China or an authorized sales agent within the following application time limit, and we can arrange the transportation:

A. US and Canada routes, please put forward 48 hours (inclusive) before the flight takes off.

B. For routes other than those of the United States and Canada, please propose 3 days before the flight takes off (excluding the day of departure).

In order to ensure your safety during the journey, please arrange at least one adult passenger or medical staff over the age of 18 to accompany you. Please arrive at the check-in counter at least 180 minutes before the estimated departure time of your flight to check in.

2. Medical certificate

When purchasing the ticket, it is required to provide a true and valid diagnosis certificate of injury and illness issued by a doctor or a medical institution at or above the county level, which is issued no earlier than 10 days before the earliest flight date (excluding the date of departure). The expression "suitable for flight" may not be indicated.

The medical certificate of boarding permission issued within 24 hours before the flight departure shall be provided at the time of check-in.

3. Applicable fare

Our stretchers will be arranged in economy class. You need to pay the corresponding fare for the seat occupied by the stretcher installation. Please consult our staff for the specific applicable fare and taxes.

4. Free baggage allowance

The free baggage allowance for stretcher passengers on weight based routes is 60kg, and the length, width and height of each piece of baggage shall not exceed 100cm, 60cm and 40cm; The free baggage allowance for passengers with stretchers on piecework routes is 3 pieces, each piece shall not exceed 23 kg, and the sum of three sides of each piece of baggage shall not exceed 158 cm.

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