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Duty Free E-Voucher
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Shopping on board Duty free+Extra discount=duty free E-VOUCHER

Passengers who meet the specific conditions, and also finish buying and binding duty free E-voucher, can buy 1 E-voucher and get 1 E-voucher for free.

How to Purchase Duty Free E-voucher
  • 1
    Select the nominal value and quantity of e-voucher.
  • 2
    Fill in the purchaser’s information, confirm the order and make payment. E-voucher number and password will be sent to mobile phone automatically.
  • 3
    Log in “My E-Voucher” with your document number and mobile phone number provided at the time of e-voucher purchase to retrieve the information on the purchased e-voucher and its use.
How to Bind Duty Free E-voucher to Specific Flight.
  • 1 Duty free E-voucher should be purchased through Air China’s official domestic website, and bound to specific flight before using on board.
  • 2 A paid duty-free E-voucher must be bound to a flight at least 5 days before flight departure. Example: For a flight that departs on December 20, 2016, the passenger must bind the E-voucher to his/her flight no later than 23:59, December 15, 2016 on Air China’s domestic official website.
  • 3 When binding paid duty-free E-voucher, passenger should input his/her flight number, ticket number and telephone number correctly. After binding, Air China will send an SMS to the binding telephone number.
  • 4 Before departure, passenger can un-bind his/her duty-free E-voucher at a certain period of time. If passenger didn’t take the flight, or didn’t un-bind his/her duty free E-voucher, Air China’s system will un-bind the duty free E-voucher in 10-20 days after the flight.
Conditions of Obtaining Gift Duty Free E-voucher
  • Condition NO.1 Air Ticket
  • 1 Qualifying Routes: Air China's operated point-to-point nonstop routes from Beijing to Europe/America/Oceania/Africa(except Beijing -Halar–Chita, Beijing - Minsk – Budapest, Beijing - Vienna – Barcelona, Beijing – Madrid –São Paulo, Beijing - Munich – Athens, Beijing - Montreal - Havana).
  • 2 Qualifying Tickets and Booking Class: Tickets which are issued by Air China and whose ticket numbers start with “999” qualify. Infant tickets, child tickets and travel group tickets are not applicable. Booking classes of O/I/N/X are not applicable.
  • 3 Qualifying Ticket Sales Channels: Tickets should be purchased through Air China's domestic Call Center, Air China's domestic official website, Air China's APP and Air China Holidays.
  • 4 Period of Travel: February 15th, 2017 to March 15th, 2017.
  • Condition NO.2 Purchasing and Binding Duty Free E-voucher
  • 1 A paid duty-free E-voucher must be bound to a flight at least 5 days before flight departure.
  • 2 The binding flight date should be between February 15th, 2017 to March 15th, 2017.
Face Value of Gift Duty Free E-voucher and How to inform one has got Gift Duty Free E-voucher
  • 1 Face value: passengers who meet the above-mentioned requirements on routes, booking class, sales channels and period of travel can get a gift duty free E-voucher with a face value of RMB 100 for every duty free E-voucher with a face value of RMB 100 purchased through Air China’s domestic official website and bound to a specific flight.
  • 2 How to be informed that one has got a gift duty free E-voucher: Before flight departure, Air China will send an SMS to passengers who qualify for gift E-voucher. The mobile phone number which is to receive the message is the one provided by the passenger when binding the E-voucher to the flight. The SMS will tell the passenger the flight number and flight date which the gift voucher is applicable to as well as the face value of gift voucher, and also tell the passenger that the gift E-voucher can only be used on that specific flight. The SMS is the only way by which passengers know if they have got the gift E-voucher or not. Gift E-vouchers do not need to be bound to flights.
Rules on the Use of Paid E-voucher and Gift E-voucher on Flights
  • 1 Onboard, when hearing the consumption notice on duty-free E-vouchers, passengers are expected to present their boarding pass which contains the ticket number and confirm that they would like to use the E-vouchers for onboard duty-free shopping.
  • 2 Paid E-voucher must be used before gift E-voucher.
  • 3 Paid duty free E-voucher should be used or apply for refund during February 10th, 2017 to March 15th, 2017. The gift E-voucher is valid only on that specific flight of the day. No remaining amount will be given back. Gift E-voucher cannot be converted into cash. Gift E-voucher will be invalidated after the flight.
  • 4 No remaining amount of the paid E-voucher and gift E-voucher will be given back. All vouchers can be used to pay for the duty-free goods only once.
  • 5 If passenger changes his/her flight, he/she should re-bind the paid E-voucher to the new flight, and the gift E-voucher obtained from the previous flight will be invalidated automatically. Whether or not the passenger can obtain new gift E-voucher is determined by the above conditions.
  • 6 Due to the special nature of the duty-free product, product return is not allowed if not for the quality problems. After a passenger returns a product onboard, the passenger will not be allowed to use any purchased E-voucher or gift E-voucher under his/her ticket number.
  • 7 Based on related laws and regulations, no official receipts will be issued for the duty-free goods purchased.
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