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Other Types
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Other Types of Passenger with Special Needs

Passenger traveling with service dog

Trained service dogs who can guide the blind or deaf can be taken into the cabin, subject to our approval.

What you need to know
A disabled person who has attained the age of 16 can travel alone with a service dog.
Only one service dog is allowed on each flight.
Request for travel with service dog must be made at any of our ticketing offices in the city of flight departure at least 48 before flight departure.
The passenger who travels with service dog must produce the animal’s ID and quarantine certificate at the time of ticket purchase and check-in, and must arrive at the airport for check-in 120 minutes before the expected flight departure time.
The service dog must wear a muzzle and have a leash during travel.


Applicable fare
Passenger traveling with service dog is entitled to all special fares as ordinary passengers, and don’t need to pay any additional fees for the service dog.
Subject to the consent of the passenger traveling with service dog, we can carry the service dog in accordance with the procedures applicable to small animals, and the service dog does not count in the free baggage allowance.


Onboard services
We will do our best to arrange a window seat with bigger legroom for passenger with service dog, but we will not provide an emergency exit seat or a seat on the upper deck of B747. And we will try not to put any other passenger beside the passenger with service dog if conditions permit.
If need be, we will help the passenger with service dog:
- with carry-on items;
- into or out of the seat;
- get ready for meal;
- move to and from the bathroom.

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