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    Title:Only Fools Rush In
    Director:Han Han
    Starring:Haoran Liu, Haocun Liu, Teng Shen
    Introduction:A father starts a motorcycle trip with his recently reunited son.

    Title:Nice View
    Director:Muye Wen
    Starring:Jackson Yee, Yu Tian, Halin Chen
    Introduction:A story that happened in Shenzhen, China, reversing life's struggle for entrepreneurship.

    Title:G Storm
    Director:David Lam
    Starring:Louis Koo, Julian Cheung, Kevin Cheng, Jessica Hester Hsuan
    Language:Cn En
    Introduction:ICAC's Chief Investigation Director Lu Zhilian's ultimate battle against corruption.

    Title:Railway Heroes
    Director:Feng Yang
    Starring:Hanyu Zhang, Wei Fan
    Language:Cn En
    Introduction:The historical story of a group of ordinary heroes known who desperately fight to defend their homeland.

Depending on flight times and routes, the choice of movies may vary and the available movies may be played in different orders. This introduction is for reference only.
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