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    Title:My Country, My Parents
    Director:Jing Wu, Ziyi Zhang, Zheng Xu, Teng Shen
    Starring:Jing Wu, Ziyi Zhang, Zheng Xu, Teng Shen, Leo Wu, Xuan Huang
    Introduction:Tell the story of Chinese people's blood connection and spiritual inheritance.

    Title:My People, My Country
    Director:Kaige Chen, Yibai Zhang, Hu Guan, Xiaolu Xue, Zheng Xu, Hao Ning, Muye Wen
    Starring:Bo Huang, Yi Zhang, Haolin Han, Jiang Du, You Ge, Haoran Liu, Jia Song, Qianyuan Wang, Suxi Ren, Jing Wu, Yilong Zhu, Dong Wang, Feiyu Chen
    Introduction:It focuses on the close relationship between the common people and the country.

    Director:Sanping Han, Jianxin Huang
    Starring:Guoqiang Tang, Guoli Zhang, Qing Xu, Jin Liu, Kun Chen
    Introduction:A series of stories happened on the eve of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

    Title:Longping Yuan
    Director:Fenghe Shi
    Starring:Jinglin Guo, Jun Xu, Longping Yuan
    Introduction:It tells the story of Longping Yuan from the age of 30 to 60.

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Depending on flight times and routes, the choice of movies may vary and the available movies may be played in different orders. This introduction is for reference only.
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