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    Title:Tribute To Heros
    Director:BoJu Liu
    Starring:Yujuan Wen, Shan Zhang, Hao Zheng
    Language:Cn En
    Introduction:With dedication to interpret youth, dedicated to the people's touching story.

    Title:Two Tigers
    Director:Fei Li
    Starring:You Ge, Shan Qiao, Wei Zhao
    Language:Cn En
    Introduction:An absurd comedy where the kidnapper is lured by the hostage and complete 3 missions for him/her.

    Title:Bloody Daisy
    Director:Xiangyun Xu
    Starring:Longzheng Wang, Ningfeng Song, Lu Huang
    Language:Cn En
    Introduction:Liu Yibo and he Chen pursued the fugitive for nineteen years.

    Title:Princess Dress
    Director:Shubin Zhao
    Starring:Bicheng Li, Yu Song
    Language:Cn En
    Introduction:After a summer vacation, the children fulfilled their dreams.

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Depending on flight times and routes, the choice of movies may vary and the available movies may be played in different orders. This introduction is for reference only.
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