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Tips on the changes to the immigration regulations

Cross border movements of physical currency and bearer negotiable instruments

From 1 November 2007, any person who enters or leaves Singapore is required to give a report if he carries with him cash exceeding SGD 30,000 (the prescribed amount) or its equivalent in a foreign currency. Such person shall hand the report to any immigration officer at the Customs Red Channel on arrival in Singapore, and at the immigration counter on departure from Singapore. The prescribed form to be used is the Physical Currency and Bearer Negotiable Instruments Report (Traveler) or NP727 form.

The forms are available at all major checkpoints, Police Neighborhood Centers, Police Neighborhood Posts and branches of Singapore Post. The forms can also be downloaded from the website of Singapore Police Force (SPF) or from the website of Commercial Affairs Department In addition, the NP727 form is available at all Singapore Visitor Centers and is supplied to commercial transport operators for distribution to their customers.

At the Singapore immigration checkpoint, two kinds of channels are available: Red Channel and Green Channel. According to Singapore Customs regulations, any visitor to Singapore who carries items that exceed the prescribed consumer tax-exempt limit or customs duty-exempt limit or other taxable items, controlled or restricted items and prohibited items must use the Red Channel. A visitor who does not carry the above three types of item can use the Green Channel. The officers at the checkpoint have the right to do inspections on a selective basis. Those who use the wrong channel or illegal visitors can face a fine of up to SDG 10,000 or imprisonment. According to Singapore customs regulations, the upper limit of foreign currency carried by any visitor is SGD 30,000.

Taxable items: Alcohol, including spirits, wine and beer; tobacco products, including cigarettes (marked SDPC) and cigars; engine fuel

Controlled items (including but not limited to): Animals, birds, fish or products thereof; CD, DVD, movies, video games; weapons, ammunition, explosives; medication and pharmaceutical products; telecommunications and radio communications equipment; handcuffs and police batons.

Prohibited items (including but not limited to): Chewing tobacco and tobacco substitution (electronic cigarettes); chewing gum; pistol- or revolver-shaped lighter; controlled drugs and psychotropic substances; endangered species of wildlife and products thereof; firecrackers; pornographic publications , videotapes, CDs and software and other types of obscenities; pirated publications and audiovisual products; subversive material and treasonous material


* The above information is for reference only. For more, contact the embassy.

* For more information on visa, head to the Star Alliance website.

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