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Forbidden Pavilion First Class and Capital Pavilion Business Class
Personalized Exclusive Restaurant in the Air
Air China invested RMB 688 million to create the Forbidden Pavilion First Class and Capital Pavilion Business Class, so passengers could enjoy a more pleasant and comfortable journey. With advanced facilities, new luxury seats, a pleasant cabin environment, considerate and high-quality food and beverage service and prominent cultural features, the Forbidden Pavilion First Class and the Capital Pavilion Business Class have become Air China VIP’s first choice.

Thanks to the new dynamic lighting system installed in the first and business class cabin, you can choose to enjoy the most intimate dining moments against the backdrop of your choice, including sunrise, sunset, evening or dawn.

Our professional team will customize your menu, offering new choices every month and the opportunity to sample special dishes. Passengers traveling in the Forbidden Pavilion First Class and Capital Pavilion Business Class will enjoy a distinguished, private, exclusive and high-end flight experience thanks to our world leading facilities and personalized service.


In addition to standard meals, our chef has selected 18 classic dishes from around the world, providing personalized meal service tailored to your specific needs. These dishes include prawns, fish, beef, pork, chicken, duck and vegetarian food. Thanks to our catering service, you can enjoy customized delicacies above the clouds.


For passengers on flights lasting more than an hour and a half and coinciding with meal times (three times a day), we have carefully prepared a choice of In-Flight Meals . For breakfast, we offer a western-style Continental Breakfast of pastries and fruit. We also serve hot porridge and other Chinese favorites. For lunch and dinner, passengers can choose from at least 3 main courses, alongside appetizers, bread, butter, salad, soup, dessert, cheese, and fruit. This enjoyable dining experience is brought to you by our professional team.

Enjoy total relaxation throughout your journey. A variety of snacks is available between meals, including a wide range of seasonal fruits, yogurt, dried food, cold food, desserts, etc. American ice cream is available in first class, to make your journey even sweeter.


Since 2009, passengers in first and business classes can enjoy fine wines from Chateaux in France. To create a better travel experience, we have joined forces with highly acclaimed, certified French wine tasters to carefully select more than 200 fine wines from around the world. Passengers can make their selection from the Air Bar and experience the best libations from around the world as they quietly enjoy their exclusive leisure time.

Would you like a cup of freshly brewed coffee, or hot tea as you fly high above the clouds? As you travel in the Forbidden Pavilion First Class, you can enjoy the "Forbidden Pavilion Tea Service" offered by our beautiful flight attendants and experience traditional tea culture. You can also choose other top beverages from the "Air Cafe", while you free your heart and enjoy this wonderful exclusive leisure time.

Different selections will be available on different routes and during different seasons. Actual service may vary.


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