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List of Domestic Cities Available for Airport Self-Service Check-in
Name of city Location
Beihai Near Check-in Counter No. 1, Departure Hall, Beihai Airport  
Beijing At the south ends of Areas J and K, near Air China Check-in Counters K01, J32, and F34, and at the south end of Air China Area B Check-in Counters, Departure Hall, Terminal 3, Beijing Capital International Airport
Chengdu Opposite Areas P/Q, R/S, and T/U (Ticketing Counters), Departure Hall, Terminal 2, Chengdu Airport
Chongqing Between the Air China check-in counters at Areas 2E and 2F, Domestic Departures Hall, Chongqing Airport
Dazhou Near the check-in counters, Departure Hall, Dazhou Airport
Dalian Inside Door No. 6, Departure Hall, Dalian Airport
Daqing Near the Information Desk, Departure Hall, Daqing Airport
Dandong In the middle of the Departure Hall, Dandong Airport (Clearly visible after entry)
Guangzhou Near the L24 Check-in Counter in Area L and the M01 Check-in Counter in Area M, Departure Hall, Guangzhou Airport
Guiyang The left and right two desks at Area D, Door No. 14, Terminal 2, Guiyang Airport
Harbin Near the Information Desk, Departure Hall, Harbin Airport
Hohhot Behind the direction board between Areas B and C, Departure Hall, Hohhot Airport
Jingdezhen Opposite the check-in counters, Departure Hall, Jingdezhen Airport
Jinggangshan Near Check-in Counter No. 1, Departure Hall, Jinggangshan Airport
Jiuzhaigou Near Check-in Counter No. 1, Departure Hall, Jiuzhaigou Airport
Lhasa Check-in Counter No. 18, Departure Hall, Lhasa Airport
Lanzhou Near Door No. 5, center of the Departure Hall, Lanzhou Airport
Luzhou Near security, Departure Hall, Luzhou Airport
Mianyang Near the Ticketing Counter, Level 2, Departure Hall, Mianyang Airport
Shanghai Hongqiao In front of Air China Check-in Counters A14-21, Area A, Departure Hall, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport
Shanghai Pudong Near Check-in Counter K19, Area K, Departure Hall, Shanghai Pudong Airport
Shenyang Opposite Area C between Door No. 5 and Door No. 7, Departure Hall, Shenyang Airport
Tianjin Opposite the Air China Ticketing Counter at Door No. 5 between Areas E and F, Departure Hall, Terminal 2, Tianjin Airport
Weihai Across from Check-in Counter No. 6, Departure Hall, Weihai Airport
Wuhan In the middle of the Departure Hall, Level 2, Terminal 2, Wuhan Airport
Xi’an In the middle of the Departure Hall, Terminal 2, Xi'an Airport (Clearly visible after entry)
Yichang To the right of the entrance, Departure Hall, Yichang Airport
Yibin Near the check-in counters, Departure Hall, Yibin Airport
Yinchuan To the right of Check-in Counter No. 20, Departure Hall, Yinchuan Airport
Yuncheng Hardware no longer available
Zhangjiajie In the middle of the right side of the Departure Hall, Zhangjiajie Airport
Hangzhou In front of the Air China Ticketing Counter, Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport
Lijiang In front of the Information Desk, Domestic Departure Hall
Linzhi Against the wall to the left of the Ticketing Counter, Departure Hall
Urumqi Near Door No. 2, Level 2, Departure Hall
Kunming Area D, Level 3, Domestic Departure Hall
Changchun To the left of Door No. 2, Departure Hall
Sanya On both sides of Door No. 6, Terminal 2
Wenzhou At Door No. 1, Domestic Departure Hall
Xining Level 2, Domestic Departure Hall, Terminal 2
Ningbo To the right of Door No. 5, Departure Hall
Guilin At the entrance to the Departure Hall
Changsha On The Left Side Of Gate NO.1 Of Departure Hall Of T1 , In Front Of The 1-4 Check-in Counter
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