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Special Meals
Well-Tailored Special Meals
Air China is committed to "meeting customer demands". We offer, each passenger, meticulous and personalized service. Thus, we prepare a variety of special meals for children and those with specific health or religious requirements. Special catering arrangements can be ordered when booking a flight.
  1. Except for Kosher meals, passengers can make special meals reservations 24 hours (inclusive) before flight departure, through the Air China Sales Service Hotline (4008-100-999).
  2. For Kosher meals, passengers must make a reservation at least 48 hours (inclusive) before the flight departure, using the method described above. (Currently, Kosher meals are only available on some of Air China’s international routes).
  3. Meal reservations are limited to dinner and breakfast, excluding snack food or fast food, and each passenger can only apply for special meals for one person (Baby Meals are an exception).
  4. If flights are delayed or cancelled, the meals ordered might be affected.
  5. If the passenger makes a request for a special meal which is not included among the special meal choices listed, (for health or other special reasons), he or she shall provide accurate, detailed, and clear information to the sales person, so that the sales person can enter the information correctly and that the catering company can understand the special meal requirements correctly.
Currently, Jewish food is not available on the following routes:
All domestic flights (including domestic segments of international flights); International routes departing from Saipan, Sapporo, Sendai, South Korea, Jakarta, India, Karachi, Australia, and Yekaterinburg.


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