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Sustainable, Healthy, and Gourmet Dining in the Air
Food is a language without boundaries. Air China is committed to "meeting customer demands". We only select the finest ingredients so our nutrition experts can create balanced, delicious meals. Our renowned chef will prepare and present delicious, healthy selections, offering you an eco-friendly, enjoyable, high-end flight experience.

Currently, 110 catering companies (38 international and 72 domestic companies) work with Air China under the supervision of experts. We are committed to selecting the freshest, healthiest and safest ingredients to provide every passenger with a perfect dining experience.

Delicacies may have different flavors, but the pleasure they provide is the same. Looking to provide sustainable and healthy foods, Air China offers its passengers a balanced diet, focusing on seasonal variations and freshness. Different routes will provide the opportunity to sample specially prepared delicacies full of local flavor. These local specialties will add fun to the journey and allow travelers to experience unique cultures.


We offer a variety of main courses suited to our passengers’ different needs. We have tasty dishes and hot porridge for breakfast; passengers can also select all kinds of meat and seafood with rice or noodles. During short trips, travelers can also enjoy our exquisite Chinese style baked cake, sandwiches, hamburgers, etc. Mindful of our passenger’s health during their journeys, we have prepared various yogurt and fruit to be enjoyed with every meal.

Different selections will be available on different routes and during different seasons. Actual service may vary.


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