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OPO staff carrying donor organs


As a member of the Organ Procurement Organization (OPO), we are able to provide a special guaranteed fast-track service in conjunction with ground service agents, airport management agencies and air traffic management departments when transporting donated organs by air if the following requirements are met; otherwise, we will provide air freight services according to our procedures for standard passengers:

Make an application via 95583 at least 4 hours prior to the scheduled take off time for the flight, providing your flight details, the type of donor organ, packaging dimensions and any dangerous goods involved.

You must carry a the original and a copy of the "Transplant Center Organ Receipt Confirmation" showing the legal source and use of the organ being transported and the name and telephone number of the responsible contact person.

A "Human Organ For Transplant" label must be stuck in an obvious position on the transport container carrying the donated organ. If the volume of the container exceeds the dimensions allowed for carry-on baggage, you must apply for the cabin seat baggage service in advance. You must take care of any transport containers brought into the cabin during transport.


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