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What are the age requirements for unaccompanied minors?
We offer “Unaccompanied Minor Services” to children who are at least five years old but less than 12 years old who are traveling without an accompanying adult over the age of 18 and has a capacity for civil conduct. If your child is at least 12 years old but less than 18 years old, you may also request Unaccompanied Minor Services. You may request Unaccompanied Minor Service for your child whose itinerary involves domestic, international, and regional direct flights operated exclusively by Air China with Air China’s flight codes, and connecting flights through Beijing. Air China does not offer Unaccompanied Minor Services for flights connecting to other airlines. If your connecting flight or return flight involves airlines other than Air China, please contact those airlines directly.
What are the service fees for Unaccompanied Minor Services?
On domestic non-stop flights, we offer services to unaccompanied minors who are at least five years old but less than 12 years old free of charge; for children who are at least 12 years old but less than 18 years of age who request Unaccompanied Minor Services, the service fee is RMB 200. On international and regional non-stop flights, the fee for Unaccompanied Minor Services for your child is RMB 260/USD 50 or the equivalent in other currencies. For domestic, international and regional one way connecting flights via Beijing, the service fee for unaccompanied minors is RMB 520/ USD100 or the equivalent in other currencies.
How are round-trip and interline ticket fares calculated for infants and children?
Infants and children on round-trip and interline flights shall purchase tickets based on the fare that corresponds to their age on the travel date of each flight segment.
Are passengers that are two years old or older on the travel date required to purchase a seat?
An infant under the age of two on the date of travel is not required to occupy a seat. If you would like a seat for your infant, please purchase a child ticket. Passengers who are two years old or older on the date of travel must occupy a seat when taking an Air China flight.
If an infant or child passenger with a round-trip ticket fails to meet the age requirement when taking a return flight, will there be a fare adjustment?
If the age of an infant or child passenger with a round-trip ticket exceeds the specified age due to a schedule change of the return flight, a single-trip ticket for the infant or child passenger shall be reissued based on his or her age on the travel date and the unused segments of the original ticket will be refunded free of charge after the new ticket has been used.
What documents need to be provided when requesting Service for Unaccompanied Minors?
To request services for unaccompanied children, you will need to provide your ID document together with a copy of a valid passport and other travel documents for your child. In addition, please provide the name, addresses and contact number of the people who will see your child off and pick your child up to ensure that we will be able to reach him or her. If you request Unaccompanied Minor Services for your child whose itinerary includes a connecting flight in Beijing, please provide the name, ID document number and contact number of the person who will be responsible for your child in Beijing to ensure that we will be able to reach him or her if necessary.
What are the travel procedures for Unaccompanied Minor Services?
To check in, your child is required to bring the following documentation: a valid travel document, the Unaccompanied Minor Travel Request, ticket/Unaccompanied Minor Service receipt, and any other important papers, which can be kept in the special ID pouch your child will be given to wear around his/her neck. Please arrive at the airport at least 120 minutes prior to the flight’s scheduled departure time to complete check-in procedures with the assistance of our staff.
How does Air China assist my child during check-in and security screening?
At both the departure and arrival airports, we have dedicated ground service staff who will be assigned to help your child complete all procedures including check-in, security clearance, customs clearance, and baggage retrieval. The special customer service person will look after your child and their travel documents while waiting for the flight to board. Once on the plane, we will introduce your child to the chief purser who will take care of your child during the flight. To ensure a smooth travel experience for your child, we recommend that the person who sees your child off wait at the airport until the child’s flight has departed.
What services will Air China provide to ensure the safety of my child in case of flight delays or flight cancellations?
In case of flight delays, we will have dedicated staff to take care of your child and arrange their accommodations and subsequent transportation if needed. We will also notify the person who is authorized to pick up your child, and your designated contacts at the stopover airport of the flight delay. In case of flight cancellations, we will immediately contact you and return your child safely.
How does the person picking up my child at the destination meet my child when the plane arrives?
Prior to landing, we will get in touch with the person who will pick up your child, based on the information provided in the child’s boarding record. When the flight arrives at the destination, our ground service staff will greet your child and complete all arrival formalities with the chief purser. Then they will carefully check and verify the identity information presented by the person who picks up your child at the destination.
What are the travel instructions for passengers who have requested Stretcher Services?
To ensure the safety of stretcher passengers during the trip, please travel with at least one adult companion passenger over 18 years old or a healthcare provider. Each flight can only accommodate one stretcher passenger. The stretcher will be placed in the Economy Class cabin. Please arrive at the check-in counter at least 180 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time to complete check-in procedures. If you need ambulance service or other medical assistance, please contact the hospital or medical care provider directly to arrange for these services and pay the required service fees directly to the medical care provider.
Is there a limit to the number of infant passengers that may be allowed on each flight?
In view of the safe flight operations and based on rules on the maximum number of infants allowed on various types of aircraft released by the Civil Aviation Administration of China, the maximum number of infants allowed on our flights varies according to aircraft type and route. In order that you and your infant can travel smoothly, you are requested to tell our service agent that you are to travel with your infant. After we make sure that the maximum number of infants allowed on your flight has not been exceeded, we will issue a ticket for your infant. Otherwise, it is likely that you just purchase your adult ticket and arrive at the airport with your infant, but end up being unable to get onboard and having to change your travel plan simply because the maximum limit on the number of infants allowed on the flight has been exceeded.
What are the age, size and weight requirements for bassinets?
We offer Bassinet Service for infants who are at least 14 days old but less than two years old, who are no longer than 29.5 inches / 75 centimeters and weigh no more than 22 pounds / 10 kilograms.
Which aircraft offers Bassinet Service?
Free infant bassinet service is offered in selected classes of service on the international routes operated only with B747/B777/B787/A330/A340. Please contact us about reservations.
Can guide dogs and hearing dogs fly in the passenger cabin with their masters?
With our prior approval, passengers with vision loss or hearing or speech impairments may be accompanied on board by service dogs specially trained to provide sight or hearing assistance. If you wish to travel with a service dog, please make a request to our direct sales office at your first point of departure no later than 48 hours (inclusive) prior to your scheduled flight departure.
What kinds of wheelchairs are available for disabled passengers?
We offer wheelchairs to passengers with mobility impairment. Our staff will provide suitable wheelchair services according to your physical condition. 1) Ground wheelchairs - We have wheelchairs available to mobility impaired passengers for use within the terminals at each airport; 2) Onboard wheelchairs - On all international and regional routes and on some domestic routes, we offer onboard wheelchairs to mobility impaired passengers for use within the cabin. 3) Boarding lift - If you cannot ascend and descend stairs without assistance, we may also provide a hydraulic boarding lift for aircraft that do not park at an airport jet way, to assist you in boarding the plane.
Will passengers’ own wheelchairs be allowed in the passenger cabin?
No. Your own wheelchair should be shipped as checked baggage. However, wheelchairs are carried free of charge and will not calculated as part of the free baggage allowance.
What are the restrictions on flying for pregnant women?
In consideration of safety, we do not provide transportation services to the following types of passenger: (1) pregnant women who are 35 weeks or more into pregnancy; (2) pregnant women whose expected date of delivery is 4 weeks or less away; (3) pregnant women whose date of delivery is very close but still cannot be determined, who, it has been known, will have multiple birth or who will expectedly have childbirth complications; (4) women who have given birth within the past 7 days.
Are there special travel instructions for pregnant women in the cabin?
For comfort and safety considerations of pregnant women, please fasten your seatbelt low and tight across your lap after being seated and remain seated with your seatbelt fastened during the entire flight.

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