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in-Flight Helth
Care Equipment
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We provide a range of services to passengers who need special assistance and medical devices onboard. For a full list of our services, please contact us. We suggest that you plan your travel as early as possible so that we can make arrangements early to guarantee you quality services.
In-Flight Helth Care Equipment

First Aid Kit
First aid kit is used in situations where the injured passenger or crewmember needs emergency treatment to stop bleeding, bandage a cut and fix a limb. It contains bandages, cotton swabs and splints, among others.


Emergency Medical Kit
Emergency medical kit is used in situations where passenger or crewmember is injured by accident and needs emergency treatment. It contains sphygmomanometer, stethoscope, disposable syringes as well as glucose and adrenaline injections.


Medicine Chest
It contains various pharmaceutical drugs that can treat commonplace ailments as well as instructions on their administration.


Epidemic Prevention Bag
The bag is used to remove such potential sources of infection as blood stains, urine, vomit and excrements in the cabin.

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