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Online Booking
Why might I have trouble booking my seat online when there are seats available?
On Air China’s website you are able to check the seat availability for particular flights within a year timeframe. The website will display the fares and seats available for different classes of service on the flight that you have selected. You are able to book a seat by choosing the flight and class of service and entering the required passenger information. The reservation request will be sent by the website to the airline reservations system and you will receive a reservation confirmation and a request to purchase the ticket. If you do not see this page or receive error information, the reason might be one of the following:
A. While you are making your reservation, another passenger might be checking seat availability on the same flight. The first passenger to make the reservation request will have access to the seat, so you may need to select another seat. Hopefully there will be another seat available in the class of service that you choose on a particular flight.
B. The website may experience trouble if there are internet problems. In case of a system failure on the internet, the website may not respond to your booking request.
C. Other undefined factors might cause the failure of your booking. Please try again after a few minutes. If you continue to have trouble and there is no update of a system shutdown on the Air China website, we recommend that you call the Air China Call Center Hotline 95583 for further information.
Do I need to pay for the ticket immediately after making the reservation?
Yes. This is a two step process. You need to both reserve your seat and purchase your ticket in order for the ticket to be issued. If you book your seat but fail to pay for the ticket online within 20 minutes, your seat reservation will automatically be cancelled and we will re-sell the seat to another customer.
Can I make changes to my ticket if I have a confirmed reservation?
Currently, online rescheduling is available for e-tickets (you can make changes to the flight date and the departure time, flight class and fares for the same departure and destination cities). If such rescheduling service does not meet your needs, you may proceed to an Air China office or Air China's stand-by counter at the airport to request the services you need (change to another carrier, etc.)
How can I request a refund?
Refund requests for issued e-tickets can be processed online. You can locate your reservation via “My Booking” and apply for a refund there. Air China will verify your refund request according to related policies. If a refund is granted, the amount of the total fare, after deducting the refund service fee, will be returned to the bank account you used to pay for the ticket. For financial security reasons, we never give cash refunds for e-tickets purchased online. For updates on the status of your refund application, you can visit the “Refund Management” section under “My Order” on Air China’s website.
How do I get reimbursement using an E-ticket?
The Itinerary/Receipt of an E-Ticket for Air Transportation which is issued under the supervision of the State Administration of Taxation can be obtained at the airport, a sales agent’s office, or any Air China ticket office. It can serve as a payment or reimbursement voucher. You may verify your e-ticket information via “Ticket Authentication” at the e-ticket homepage of Air China's website

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