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Passengers Who Need to Check Their Electric-Driven Wheelchair


What you need to know
Passengers who are less mobile due to illness, health or old age or leg bone fracture and thus need to travel with an electric-driven wheelchair can check their electric-driven wheelchair as baggage.
The electric-driven wheelchair is not allowed into the cabin but must be checked at the check-in counters. Such a passenger must be at the airport check-in counters for check-in at least 2 hours before the check-in deadline.
The electric-driven wheelchair does not count in the free baggage allowance and can be carried for free. But only one such wheelchair can be checked.

Upper limits on the capacity of the lithium batteries that power electric wheelchairs
If the electric-driven wheelchair is powered by one lithium battery, the capacity of the battery cannot exceed 300Wh. If the wheelchair is powered by two lithium batteries, then the capacity of either battery cannot exceed 160Wh. At the same time, the passenger can also carry one standby lithium battery whose capacity does not exceed 300Wh or two standby lithium batteries the capacity of each of which does not exceed 160Wh.
The passenger can put the lithium battery/batteries in their hand baggage. Any lithium batteries whose capacity exceeds the specified upper limits will not be accepted for carriage.


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