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    Title:The Tipping Point
    Director:Lin Delu
    Starring:Zhou Yiwei, Qin Hailu, Zhang Zhilin, Wang Jinsong, Zeng Zhiwei
    Introduction:The film tells the story of the front-line anti crime police, represented by Cheng Rui, who devoted themselves to the special fight against crime with full blood and sense of justice.

    Title:Detective VS. Sleuths
    Director:Ka-Fai Wai
    Starring:Sean Lau, Cai Zhuoyan, Lin Feng, Li Ruotong, Tan Kai
    Introduction:The film tells a story of seven deadly crimes in Hong Kong style, in which a self-styled "detective" killer and a real "detective" genius fight wits and courage.

    Title:Warriors of Future
    Director:Yuen Fai Ng
    Starring:Louis Koo, Sean Lau, Carina Lau
    Introduction:A meteorite brings an extraterrestrial life to the earth. It threaten humanity.

    Title:Moon Man
    Director:Chiyu Zhang
    Starring:Teng Shen, Li Ma, Yuan Chang
    Introduction:An asteroid destroys the earth, Duguyue becomes the last person in existence.

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Depending on flight times and routes, the choice of movies may vary and the available movies may be played in different orders. This introduction is for reference only.
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