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Disabled passengers
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Disabled passengers
Hearing impaired passengers

Hearing impaired passengers refer to those who are deaf or have severe hearing impairment.

For safety reasons, hearing impaired passengers under the age of 16 are not allowed to travel alone, but should be accompanied by adult passengers over the age of 18 with full civil capacity.

In order to ensure the smooth travel of passengers with hearing disabilities, unless otherwise required by the local government or health authorities, we can provide necessary guidance and assistance services for passengers with hearing disabilities traveling alone for free.


Service reservation

If you need this service, you can book it through the website of Air China, the APP of Air China, the hotline of Air China, the ticketing office directly under Air China and the sales agent.

Check in

(1) Time limit for check-in: Please arrive at the check-in counter at least 120 minutes before the scheduled departure time for check in.

(2) Checked baggage and non-checked baggage: For the transportation regulations of small auxiliary equipment used in the journey carried by disabled passengers, please refer to the passengers carrying auxiliary equipment .

(3) Seating arrangement: We will arrange passengers with hearing disabilities to be close to the emergency evacuation hatch and the steward. However, for the sake of cabin safety, we cannot arrange emergency exit seats for passengers with hearing disabilities.

In-flight service

We will provide service support for passengers with hearing impairment who travel alone in the cabin as much as possible, but we are unable to provide the following services: assistance with eating or medical services.
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