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Pay for Air China Ticket with UnionPay Card

Pay for Air China Ticket with UnionPay Card

Great Deal: Pay for Air China Ticket with UnionPay Card.
UnionPay cardholders whose bank card number starts with 62 are entitled to a two-tier special offer when purchasing air ticket through Air China’s website and making payment with                 UnionPay card.
Validity period: June 25, 2014 – December 31, 2014
 Immediate Discount:
If payment is made with Gold card and Standard card, for each booking one gets an RMB 20 discount.
If payment is made with Platinum card and Diamond card, for each booking one gets an RMB 25 discount.
 Exclusive Cash Voucher
After travel, each participating passenger wins an RMB 50 Air China Cash Voucher for ticketing.

Log onto Air China’s website 》check ticket  》select                 to make payment (discount is offered immediately if you register your bank account and use the card to make payment), RMB 25 discount is offered 》RMB 50 cash voucher is offered after travel

Helpful Tips:
1. Cardholders need to purchase air ticket at Air China’s official website anytime from June 25 to December 31, 2014. To qualify for the special offer, the amount of the booking shall not be less than RMB 200, and payment must be made online with UnionPay card whose card number starts with 62.
2. Users who meet the requirements on discount are entitled to the UnionPay online payment purchase points that are the equivalent of RMB 20 or RMB 25, and such purchase points can be directly deducted from the amount of the booking in question.
3. The Cash Voucher is e-Voucher associated with the account of the users registered on Air China’s website, and at the time of ticket purchase, the amount of the voucher can be deducted directly from the fare of the ticket purchased. For each ticket, only one Voucher can be used.
4. Cardholders who qualify for Cash Voucher can obtain the Voucher around 20 working days after travel. Please log onto Air China’s website to check your account. The Voucher is valid for 3 months form the day it is delivered.
5. To ensure that more cardholders can benefit from the special offer, in a single day, one card (payment made with UnionPay card; same below) and one mobile phone number (mobile phone number connected with the card used for payment; same below) qualify for up to 3 bookings, and each booking qualifies for up to 5 tickets. In a single month, one mobile phone number qualifies for up 10 bookings. Such rule on limitations may be revised during the validity period of the special offer.
6. Refund related to the special offer can only be requested through Air China’s official website. After such request is approved, the ticket amount less the discount will be refunded directly to cardholders’ UnionPay card. For tickets purchased through other channels, the applicable Air China procedures on refund, rebooking and endorsement apply.
7. The debit card of Agricultural Bank of China does not participate.
8. All questions related to ticketing (refund, rebooking, upgrade, etc) can be directed to Air China Customer Service Hotline 95583.
9. All questions related to the special offer can be directed to UnionPay Customer Service Hotline 95516.
10. UnionPay and Air China have the right to interpret and revise the rules of the special offer.

Notes on the usage of Cash Voucher:
1. For ticket purchased between June 25 and September 30, passenger can receive an RMB 50 Air China Cash Voucher.
2. The Cash Voucher can be used for purchase of air ticket that costs over RMB 200, including Air China-operated international one-way ticket as well as for purchase of one-way ticket of two directions on the following routes:
Beijing-Guangzhou, Beijing-Urumqi, Beijing-Kunming, Beijing-Harbin, Beijing-Hangzhou, Beijing-Shanghai
The Voucher is valid only for adult ticket.
3. The Cash Voucher is valid for 3 months after it is delivered. It cannot be used for travel taking place between September 1 and November 30, 2014 on routes Beijing-Hangzhou and Beijing-Shanghai.
4. Passengers cannot benefit from the Cash Voucher in conjunction with other fare discounts.

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