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You Choose the Name for Air China‘s Newest Aircraft

Please use your imagination to name Air China’s B777-300ER. You can decide whether it will be magnificent, romantic, sweet, or elegant.

China’s First Boeing 770-300 ER Takes You to the Sky

On September 28, 2010, Air China and Boeing announced an order for four 777-300ER (extended range) aircraft worth US$ 1.1 billion. Boeing 777-300ER will serve as the main aircraft model for Air China’s long-haul fleet. The fuel efficiency and performance of this jet airliner will allow Air China to better meet passengers’ growing demand for non-stop international flight services. The first aircraft will be officially launched on Jul.25th, 2011. 


Air China always sticks to the professional choice:

    777-300ER is the long-range version of the Boeing 777-300 designed to replace the Boeing 747-400.

    770-300ER features various improvements, including a higher thrust engine, the GE90-115B engine with 115,300 pound thrust or 513,000 Newtons, increased maximum take-off weight and additional fuel tanks to carry more fuel.

    Highly tapered raked wingtips and new main landing gear.

    Strengthened fuselage, wings, empennage, nose wheel, engine struts and nacelles.

    The aircraft is capable of carrying 365 passengers in 3-class cabins up to 7,880 nautical miles (14,600 km). Part of the 777-300ER ETOPS certification process was test flying the aircraft with only one working engine for as long as six hours and 29 minutes over the Pacific Ocean.



We extend travel distances ---- this long-range two-engine jet airliner carries you farther.

We are pleased to bring you greater peace of mind. First class and business class feature unique comfortable mood lighting, 180 degree reclining seats and individual entertainment systems. Our ultimate goal is to help you enjoy a comfortable trip. 

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