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Checked electric wheelchair

Checked electric wheelchair(WCBD,WCBW,WCLB)
I. Service Description

Passengers whose mobility during travel is limited due to a leg fracture, disability, poor health or age must check in their own electric wheelchair or electric mobility device at the counter.

The electric wheelchair or electric mobility device must meet the requirements for the carriage of dangerous goods by Air China. Only 1 electric wheelchair or electric mobility device is shipped free of charge (on the same basis you can also ship 1 manual wheelchair free of charge).

The electric wheelchair consignment service is available for dry cell battery-powered electric wheelchairs, wet cell battery-powered electric wheelchairs and lithium battery-powered electric wheelchairs or mobility device.As for the capacity of lithium battery-powered electric wheelchairs, the battery rating must not exceed 300 Wh.If two batteries must be used to operate the wheelchair, neither battery rating may exceed 160 Wh. An additional battery with a battery rating of up to 300 Wh or two spare batteries with a battery rating of up to 160 Wh may be carried.

If the electric wheelchair allows the user to remove the battery, the battery must be removed and both the removed battery and backup batteries should be insulated so as to prevent short circuits.

II. Eligibile Flights

To book the electric wheelchair consignment service on point-to-point flights (including flights with a stopover) carried by Air China and with a flight number attached to Air China, service bookings can be managed through the official Air China website or on the Air China app.
To make a booking for the electric wheelchair consignment service for interline flights, please apply according to the flight segment ticket or by calling 95583 or the Air China direct ticket sales department.

III. Application Deadline

Please process 3 hours prior to the flight departure time.

IV. Check-in Reminder

You will need to arrive at the airport check-in counter 3 hours before your scheduled flight for check-in. Electric wheelchairs must be checked at the counter.

V.Changes and Cancellation of Service

If you need to change your flight and service booking, you should cancel the previous service booking before making another.


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