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Brief Introduction:
London, the capital of England, is the British political, economic, cultural, and transportation center. London is a very diverse metropolis where people from all over the world embody a variety of ethnic groups, religions and cultures. In addition, London is also a world-famous tourist destination, attracting tourists from all over the world to explore its unique urban charm.
Reasons for Recommendation:
“Very quietly I take my leave As quietly as I came here; Quietly I wave good-bye To the rosy clouds in the western sky.” Xu Zhimo expressing his very nostalgic memories are reason enough for Cambridge and London to be on every tourists’ destination list. *Images provided by London Tourist Board
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Other name: City of Fog

Climatic conditions: Temperate maritime climate

Language: English

Dialing code: 44 (country code) 020 (city code)

Postal code: 999020 (British International Code) UK postcodes start with a letter or letters instead of numbers. Postal letters of London are:
W - West London
WC - West Central London
SW - South West London
SE - South East London
NW - North West London
N - North London
E - East London
EC - East Central London
  Location: On the banks of the Thames River in the southeast of Great Britain

Emergency call: Emergency call 999; Non-emergency call 010

Currency: GBP (£)

Exchange rate:1 U.S. Dollar = 0.64 GBP   1 Euro = 0.87 GBP(for reference only)
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