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Catering Service |  Special Meals Reservation
Catering Service
Meal Order Telephone: 95583
Sichuan Gongbao Prawns(S01)
Select fresh prawns, served with Kung Pao sauce. This meal tastes like lychee and is a bit spicy. Prawns are rich in protein, fat,vitamins A, B1, B2 and niacin, calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc.
Garlic Silver Cod Fish(S02)
Select silver cod fish, prepared with sauce and seasonings then roasted. The meat is smooth and delicate, and has a garlic flavor. Cod Fish is rich in protein, trace elements and Magnesium.
Sautéed Prawns with Fresh Horse beans(S03)
Cooked with fresh prawns and Horse beans. The prawn is crispy, delectable, salty and fresh. Prawns are high in protein but low in fat, while horse beans are rich in B vitamins, and very nutritious.
Spicy Bean Paste with Dory Fish(S04)
Select fresh dory fish, fried with sauce then braised in Bean Paste. The meat is smooth and delicate, and has a thick sauce flavor. Dory fish is rich in protein, minerals and fat-soluble vitamins.
Sautéed Mongolian Rib Eye Beef Slices (B01)
Select fresh rib eye beef slices, cooked with sauce. The meat is smooth and delicate, spicy and delectable. Beef is rich in protein. Its amino acid composition closely matches the requirements of human nutrition, which helps improve the immune system.
Korean Style Grilled Beef Fillet (B02)
Select fresh S-class beef, fillet pickled then grilled until tender. The meat is smooth and delicate, a bit spicy and sweet. This cooking method preserves the meat’s nutritional value.
Wuxi Pork Spare Ribs(P01)
Select fresh pork spare ribs, pickled and fried, then stewed in Wuxi juice till tender. Cooked according to the traditional recipe, this dish features thick gravy and is well flavored, tasting delicious and slightly acidic.
Steamed Pork Slice with Preserved Vegetable(P02)
Steamed fresh pork skin-on belly slice, served with traditional preserved vegetables. It tastes salty, fresh, delectable, and slightly sweet. This dish has a glossy strong brown color, with thick and delicious juice. The meat is slippery and mellow, fat but not greasy.
Teriyaki Chicken(C01)
Chicken thighs are pounded thin and marinated, then coated with teriyaki sauce and fried. It tastes fresh, sweet, delectable and salty. Teriyaki is a Japanese cooking method. This dish has a bright color and mellow flavor.
Braised Spicy Chicken Legs(C02)
Chicken thighs are pounded thin and sautéed, then braised in secret soup stock. It tastes mellow, salty, fresh and slightly sweet. The secret soup stock contains amino acids that the human body needs but cannot synthesize by itself.
Steamed and Roast Spring Chicken(C03)
Select 6 to 7-month-old fresh spring chicken, pickled and fried, simmered in specially prepared soup until tender. It tastes smooth and delicate, salty and slightly sweet. Fresh chicken contains phospholipids that the human body requires.
Braised Specialty Duck Breast(D01)
Select fine fresh skin-on duck breast, pickled and fried, then roasted with specially prepared sauce. It tastes salty, fresh and delectable, with a complex flavor. The nutrient-rich duck meat is especially suited for summer and autumn.
Sautéed Beijing Duck with Spring Onion(D02)
Select fresh sautéed Beijing Duck meat, roasted with white spring onions and Beijing sweet sauce. Its smell is delicious and it boasts a thick sauce flavor. "Roasted Duck" meat is tender, aromatic and nutritious.
Luohan Vegetarian(V01)
Select fresh mushrooms and seasonal vegetables, fried with the best oyster sauce. It tastes delectable, salty, and slightly sweet. The Luohan Vegetarian meal, representative of the renowned Shanghai Vegetarian cuisine, is colorful, elegant and nutritious.
Braised Abalone Mushrooms(V02)
Select fresh abalone mushrooms (Pleurotus), sliced then simmered in soup. The meal tastes mellow and salty. Abalone is the most desirable of edible mushrooms, since its nutritional value is much higher than others.
Braised Vegetarian Bean Curd(V03)
Select fresh bean curd, fried then simmered in soup. The meal tastes mellow, salty, and slightly sweet. The nutritious bean curd is well known as “Vegetarian meat ".
Wonton Noodle Soup(N01)
Selected fresh noodles, hand-made wonton, served with thick chicken soup. It tastes salty, fresh, mellow, and chewy. Chicken, which is rich in protein, and special wonton, will satisfy both young and old.
Mixed Seafood with Noodles Soup(N02)
Select fresh noodles, shrimp, scallops, fresh mushrooms, and shiitake mushrooms, served with a thick chicken soup. It has a rich seafood flavor. Nutrient-rich, this dish nourishes the stomach and has a soporific effect.
Meal Order Telephone: 95583
Please note: The pictures of the meals on this website are for reference purposes only. The actual meals may appear slightly different.
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