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Announcing Restrictions on Liquids That May be Carried on Civil Aircraft

To safeguard the life and property of passengers, effective immediately Air China has implemented thisAnnouncement of Liquid Item Prohibition in Hand-carried Luggage for Passengers on Domestic Flights as set forth by the CAACtogether with related regulations concerning liquid items in hand-carried luggage on domestic flights.
Air China moved all Beijing airport operations to Terminal 3 as of March 26, 2008 (including Beijing-Shanghai Express Air service). Passengers taking Air China’s domestic flights departing from Beijing must complete boarding procedures 30 minutes prior to the scheduledflight departure time and passengers taking Air China’s international and regional flights must complete boarding procedures 60 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. All Air China boarding gates will close 10 minutes before departure. The cut-off timesfor completing boarding procedures are earlier than they were prior to the new regulations.
As the airport strengthens security inspections of passengers and their baggage and increases the number of manual checks and open-checks, additional time will be required to go through security inspection. Therefore Air China asks all passengers to observe regulations concerning liquid items carried in hand-luggage on domestic flights and to allow ample time to reach the boarding gates inTerminal 3.
Relevant issues are listed below:

  1. Passengers on domestic flights are prohibited from carrying liquids on-board but may pack liquids in checked baggage packaged in accordance with the provisions of civil aviation transportation security policies.
  2. Passengers are allowed to carrysmall quantities of cosmetic products on-board, provided that the there is only one container of each kind of cosmetic, the container size of each product does not exceed 100 ml, and that all items are placed in a single bag to facilitate separate screening.
  3. Duty-free liquids carried by passengers on international flights connecting to domestic flights must be placed in a sealed transparent plastic bag together with the payment receipt and must be screened at security checkpoints.
  4. Air China does not provide infant formula or similar dairy products on board. Passengers travelling with infants may request permission when booking tickets to bring infant formula on board as required for the duration of their flight. Passengers who wish to request infant meals must place a request at least 24 hours prior to flight departure. Passengers with diabetes or other medical conditions may carry any necessary liquid medications on-board after they have been screened at a security checkpoint, and all such liquids must be kept in custody by the cabin crew.
  5. International or regional flight passengers shall be subject to relevant regulations in the Announcement of Liquid Item Prohibition in Hand-carried Luggage for Passengerson Domestic Flights promulgated by the CAAC on March 17, 2007.

Becauseliquid-dairy products for infants are currently not available onAir China flights, passengers traveling with infants are advised to carry prepared milk powder or to contact Air China in advance of the flight to make other arrangements. Air China reminds passengers again to arrive at the airport in plenty of time to complete check-in and security procedures as early as possible in order to avoid unnecessary delays.


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