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Items Restricted from Carriage

Items restricted from carriage, items not advisable to carry as checked baggage or include in checked baggage
Cash, negotiable papers, jewelry, precious metals, curios, paintings and calligraphic works, computers, personal electronic devices, samples or other valuables, important documents, ID and prescribed medicine to be taken regularly


Items whose carriage is subject to Air China’s approval

Precision instruments, electronic products and precision equipment

Stereo, washing machine, refrigerator, computer, tape recorder, etc. should be carried as checked baggage. They should have the packaging of their producers or the packaging that meets the requirements of Air China. These items do not qualify for free baggage allowance and are subject to excess baggage fee. Air China will assume the responsibility for such items in accordance with the provisions of its policies on checked baggage.


Sporting equipment
Sporting firearms and ammunitions should be checked as baggage and must be checked with the transport certificate issued by relevant regulators. Such items should be locked and separately packaged, and their carriage is subject to Air China’s approval. Each passenger can check ammunitions of up to 5 kg (11 lbs, GW). For passengers traveling in a group, ammunitions should be packaged separately. These items do not qualify for free baggage allowance and are subject to excess baggage fee. Passengers with firearms and ammunitions should complete all formalities 90 minutes before flight departure.


Passengers who need to travel with small animals (such as pet cat or pet dog) should provide the animal quarantine certificate and a valid certificate that qualifies the animals to enter, exit and go through Chinese borders. Small animals cannot be directly taken into the cabin, but must be carried as checked baggage in the cargo hold. Small animals and their containers are subject to excess baggage charges. Air China is not held accountable if the destination country refuses the entry of the smalls animal or the small animals get injured, lost or delayed, become ill or die in the normal course of transportation.


The container for small animals should meet the following requirements:
The container must be conceived in such a way as to prevent the small animals from injuring people or damaging the baggage, cargo or the aircraft.
The container must be big enough to allow the small animals to move about and be properly ventilated as to prevent the small animals from being suffocated.
Two animals which weighs less than 14 kg (30 lb.) each should be carried in one container.
Animals which weigh over 14 kg (30 lb.) shall be carried in separate containers.
Three animals of a litter less than 6 months old can be carried in separate containers or in one container.
Please note that Air China has the right to refuse carriage of any untamed or dangerous animals.

Please visit Air China’s website about quarantine of animals and plants.


Folding or electric wheelchairs for passenger use during the journey

Electric and electronic wheelchairs are carried as checked baggage for free, and do not count towards the free baggage allowance. If passenger still needs the wheelchair at and after check-in, subject to Air China’s approval, the wheelchair can be checked at the boarding gate.


When electric wheelchair is checked, its packaging should meet the following requirements:
Wheelchair with leak-proof battery – it must be ensured that the battery does not short-circuit and is securely attached to the wheelchair.
Wheelchair without leak-proof battery - the battery can not be installed on the wheelchair, and should be in protective packaging. The packaging should be leak-proof. The packaging and its content should be secured on a pallet or in the cargo hold with a belt, fixture or bracket. It must be ensured that the battery does not short-circuit, and the cracks in whole thing are filled with suitable absorbent materials which can absorb any leaked liquid.
The packaging should be marked with the words "BATTERY, WET, WHEELCHAIR" or "BATTERY, WET, WITH MOBILITY AID" and carries the labels "CORROSIVE" and "UPWARD".
For more information on wheelchair, please contact Air China’s ticketing office nearest to you.


Sharp items, blunt items:
Medical devices less than 6cm (2.4 in.) in length, specialized sharp cutting tools whose edge is 6cm (2.4 in.) or more in length and blunt items, including tools often used in production and daily life such as kitchen knife, fruit knife, fork, craft knife, scalpel, scissors, sickle, performing tools, sword, javelin, antique, souvenir, ax, rod and plumb, should be carried as checked baggage and cannot be taken into the cabin.


Dry ice, liquid drinks, liquid cosmetics and articles of daily use:
These items can be carried as checked baggage or taken into the cabin. Dry ice should be refrigerated at low temperatures, and the total weight of the dry ice each passenger carries should not exceed 2.5 kg (5 lbs). According to the regulations of CAAC, each passenger is not allowed to carry more than two bottles (capacity not more than 500 ml per bottle) of carbonated drinks, mineral water, tea, milk, yogurt, juice and so on. Except the alcoholic drinks that passengers can buy at the airport after going through the security check formalities, passengers are not allowed to carry any other alcoholic drinks. Each passenger can carry two bottles of alcoholic drinks of up to 1 kg and up to 1000ml.


Passengers can carry bottles of less than 350 ml of collar cleaning solution, mousse, brighteners, pesticide and air freshener. The volume of perfume should be less than 500ml. Passengers are not allowed to carry any similar items whose volume or weight exceeds 1000 ml or 1 kg (2.2 lbs).



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