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Boarding wheelchair

Boarding wheelchair(WCHS)
I. Service Description

We offer a free wheelchair boarding service for passengers whose mobility impairment means that while they are able to move to their seat in the cabin unaided, they are unable to board/disembark the aircraft.

II. Scope of Application

Applicable to Air China actual point-to-point flights (including stopover flights). Wheelchair services are not currently available on interline flights.

III. Application Deadline

At no later than 16:00(included) one day before flight departure at the city of origin.

IV. Check-In Reminder

Passengers that have requested wheelchair boarding services are required to arrive at the airport check-in counter 90 minutes before the flight's scheduled departure.

V. Service Restrictions

To ensure your safety and comfort and that of any accompanying personnel and baggage, your wheelchair is reserved for use by you alone. Please do not carry infants/children or any baggage that would exceed the baggage restrictions of your fare class when using the wheelchair. When transporting a passenger via wheelchair, accompanying personnel cannot supervise children or baggage. Thank you for your understanding. Any baggage that exceeds the restrictions for unchecked baggage in your fare class must be checked.

VI. Service Restrictions

Special Reminder: Carriage of injured or ill passengers

1. For their health and safety and that of other passengers and crew members, injured or ill passengers should consult a doctor before planning a trip.The following injured or ill passengers are required to provide a true and valid medical certificate that clearly states "fit to fly" issued within 10 days of departure and signed or stamped by a doctor:

A. Passengers requiring a stretcher

B. Passengers requiring a portable oxygen concentrator (POC) throughout the flight

C. Passengers requiring medical care or the use of medical equipment throughout the flight

D. Passengers suffering from or suspected to be suffering from a serious infectious disease that does not warrant quarantine measures, and pose a threat to the health and safety of other passengers and crew members

E. Passengers that have undergone surgery within the last 10 days (not applicable to passengers on U.S. routes)
Even if you provide a certificate, we reserve the right to decide whether to let you travel at check-in based on your physical condition and the actual flight operation.

2. Passengers must request the stretcher service for their journey if they are unable to sit in a standard aircraft seat for any reason (e.g. cannot bend knee/hip joints due to arthritis) or if they are unable to sit in an upright position during takeoff and landing and no satisfactory alternative is available. Once we agree to the request and make the relevant arrangements, they can travel.

VII. Changes and Cancellation of Service

If you need to change your flight and service booking, you should cancel the previous service booking before making another.


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