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Passenger Traveling with Pet (AVIH)
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Passenger Traveling with Pet (AVIH) > What you need to know

Live animals refer to domestic domesticated cats and dogs, but cats, dogs and their hybrids which are aggressive, vulnerable to injury and respiratory problems are not allowed to be transported, including, but not limited to, terriers, boxers, bulldogs, spaniels, pugs, mastiffs, American staffords, American howlers, Boston beagles, Brussels griffins, mastiffs. Spanish hounds, British touchka, British spaniel, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, bullmastiff, Belgian Brussels Griffon, Affenpinscher, Chrysanthemum, Peking Dog, Chow, Japanese chin, Japanese Spitz, Shar Pei, Shih Tzu, American Pit Bull Terrier, Tosa, Fila Brasileiro, Dogo Argentino, Samoyed, Birman, Himalayan Cat, Persian cat, exotic short-haired cat, etc.

The checked live animals shall have animal quarantine certificates and other valid certificates, and shall comply with the relevant national regulations on the exit, entry and transit of small animals in the course of transportation.

Small animals are not allowed to enter the cabin directly. They must be transported in the cargo compartment as checked baggage.

Small animals belong to the special baggage category and are charged according to the special baggage fee standards.

Each flight is limited to one container containing live animals, and each container is limited to one live animal.

The total weight of each container containing live animals (including the weight of small animals, food and water) shall not exceed 32KG, otherwise it must be transported as cargo.

Cats and dogs born not more than 8 weeks ago; cats and dogs in pregnancy or lactation; cats and dogs within 7 days of delivery are not accepted.

Live animal transportation is applicable to Air China-operated one-way direct flights, as well as domestic-to-domestic and domestic-to-international connecting flights through Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu with transit time of more than 2.5 hours. If the transit time is more than 4 hours, the live animals must be claimed at transit airport and put under personal custody before checked in again for further transportation.

Air China does not bear any responsibility for the failure of live animals to arrive on time due to the refusal of entry or transit by the countries concerned in the course of transportation, or for the injury, illness, escape and death of live animals under normal transportation conditions.

What you need to know

Please submit an application for live animal transportation to our designated ticketing offices before the flight takes off. Because there are certain requirements for the types of the live animals to be transported, we must agree with you and arrange them properly before they can be transported. There is no need to present small animals and quarantine certificates in the application process.

We can refuse to transport live animals that do not meet the transportation requirements. If you abandon the transportation of small animals, you can go through the formalities of check-in according to normal procedures; if you request to change to another flight, you should go through the formalities of voluntary change.

Before departure, we have the right to change the aircraft type. If your flight cannot carry live animals due to the aircraft type change, you can choose to abandon the transportation of live animals or change to another flight that can carry live animals.

Please take the animals to the airport for check-in and show the necessary documents in the process of transportation no later than 120 minutes before the departure time of the flight.

Transportation expenses for live animals are paid at the airport.


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