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    Corporate Clients

    To commit to the development and maintenance of institutional clients, Air China has set up a special Key Account Marketing, Sales Department to establish good communication and close collaboration ties between our professional and outstanding account manager team with key clients.

    At present, most top 100 domestic and foreign enterprises have benefited from cooperating with Air China on key account agreements. Local government agencies nationwide have also become agreed key clients of Air China. In addition, Air China has achieved continuous development and brand upgrading through mutually beneficial cooperation with key clients.

    Air China will design a variety of cooperation programs based on the different travel needs of key accounts, providing flexible options and accommodating their various requirements to help them achieve the optimum balance in terms of convenience, comfort and travel savings. To facilitate international and domestic business trips and procurement of major clients, Air China currently offers pre- and post-concessional discounts, free tickets for accumulated stopovers, special offers on selected flights and other personalized cooperation programs which are available upon request. For non-key clients, Air China has also established a B2C key account sales website to maximally fulfill the needs of different clients.

    Through the cooperation agreements with Air China, key accounts not only directly achieve travel cost savings, they may also enjoy some value-added personalized services, thus focusing more comprehensively on and meeting the needs of travelers to enable them to enjoy a smoother and more comfortable journey.

    Air China officially joined Star Alliance on December 12th 2007. Corporate Plus and Conventions Plus are the cooperation programs that Star Alliance has specially launched for business travel of large enterprises and large conventions. As a member of Star Alliance, Air China will actively contribute in helping our major clients obtain greater convenience and benefits from these two cooperation programs.


    For further information, please contact us:

    Key Account Marketing, Sales Department, Air China


    North China Marketing Center (servicing clients in North China)

    Tel: 010-66569318

    Fax: 010-66569212

    Shanghai Base Marketing Center (servicing clients in East China)

    Tel: 021-51151955/2007/2008

    Fax: 021-51152009

    Southwest Marketing Center (servicing clients in southwest China)

    Tel: 028-86664400

    Fax: 028-86664400

    South China Base Marketing Center (servicing clients in South China)


    Tel: 020-83637521

    Fax: 020-83637662


    Tel: 0755-82932509/82932466

    Fax: 0755-82932501

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