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Passenger Traveling with Pet (AVIH)
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Passenger Traveling with Pet (AVIH)

Passenger who needs travel with live animal (such as pet cat or pet dog) should provide the animal quarantine certificate and a valid certificate that qualifies the animal to enter, exit and go through Chinese borders. Small animals cannot be directly taken into the cabin, but must be carried as checked baggage in the cargo hold. Small animals and their containers are subject to excess baggage charges. Air China is not held accountable if the destination country refuses the entry of the small animal the passenger carries or the small animal is injured, escapes, becomes ill or dies in the normal course of transportation.
Please note that Air China has the right to refuse carriage of any untamed or dangerous animals.

Animal container

a. The container must be solid and is conceived in such a way as to prevent the small animal from escaping or sticking part(s) of its body outside it to injure people or damage the baggage, cargo or the aircraft. The container must be big enough to allow the small animal to rear up or move about and be properly ventilated as to prevent the small animal from being suffocated. The container must be conceived in such a way as to prevent the animal dung from leaking lest the aircraft, devices and other articles onboard be contaminated.
b. One container is allowed to accommodate at most two animals which weighs less than 14kg each and can get along with each other peacefully when they stay together. The animals which weighs over 14kg shall be carried in separate containers. At most 3 animals of a litter less than 6 months old can be accommodated in a container with or without compartments.
c. The total weight of the container, animals, feed and water shall not exceed 45kg on domestic routes and shall not exceed 32dkG on international routes, and are subject to the relevant regulations of the destination airport. The small animal and the above items whose weight exceeds the upper limit cannot be carried as checked baggage but as cargo.
D. Each flight is allowed up to two containers.
e. Baggage value declaration is not applicable to small animal.
f. At Hong Kong airport, small animal cannot be checked as baggage and must be carried as cargo.


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