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Passenger, Infant
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Pregnant passenger


Pregnant women under 32 weeks of pregnancy can travel as regular passengers unless they are deemed as unfit for air travel by a licensed physician.
Pregnant women between 32 (inclusive) and 35 weeks of pregnancy with a definite expected date of delivery that is more than 4 weeks after the date of travel, and that will not have a multiple birth or expected childbirth complications as is known, must present their doctor’s note, medical certificates or a licensed physician's letter while purchasing tickets and boarding if they want to travel by air. The medical certificate must be issued no more than 7 days before flight departure (not including the day of departure).
Pregnant women travelling frequently during their early pregnancy should be cautious of oxygen deprivation at high altitude and should not carry heavy objects. We highly recommend all pregnant woman better consult with their physician before travel.  Pregnant travelers must fasten their seatbelts low and tight across their laps.
For safety, we do not provide air travel service to the following types of pregnant travelers and we suggest that such travelers choose an alternative means of transportation:
(1)      Women with pregnancy of 35 weeks or more;
(2)      Women whose expected date of delivery is within 4 weeks before the date of travel;
(3)      Women whose expected date of delivery is approaching but is not definite or women who will have a known multiple birth or who are likely to have delivery complications;
(4)      Women who have given birth less than 7 days prior to the flight date.

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