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Small Electrical Appliances, Instruments and Media Equipment


(1) Carriage limits

The definition of small electrical appliances/instruments that can be carried as checked baggage includes small household appliances such as rice cookers, electric toilet seats and desktop computers. Media equipment is defined as photography/video equipment, small sound-control consoles, etc.

(2) Carriage requirements

In order to be checked in, small electrical appliances/instruments must be appropriately packed, in their original packaging or in specialist packaging if possible. The items must be properly packed, locked and fastened, securely tied and capable of withstanding reasonable pressure.

Air China’s liability for these items shall not extend beyond that for ordinary checked baggage. We recommend that you carry such items as carry-on baggage if they meet the requirements for unchecked baggage.

Please refer to the Dangerous Goods section for small electrical appliances/instruments containing lithium batteries or equipment powered by lithium batteries.


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