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Aquatic Products


(1) Carriage limits

Applies to domestic flights only.

(2) Carriage requirements

The requirements for size and weight are the same as for ordinary baggage when these items are transported as checked baggage.

(3) Packing regulations for aquatic products

A. Packaging used to transport aquatic products must be strong, sealed and free of odors and leaks. Items must be packed in a polystyrene box within a cardboard outer box. The polystyrene box must have four walls, a base and a lid. Walls must be no less than 2 cm thick and no part of the box may be damaged or split. The base of the polystyrene box should be covered with an absorbent material such as absorbent paper, absorbent sponge or sawdust. The polystyrene box should match the size of the cardboard box. Two foam boxes cannot be packed into the same cardboard box. Old cardboard boxes and old polystyrene boxes that are wet, deformed or have already been used must not be used as packaging for the carriage of aquatic products.

B. The use of loose or dry ice inside packaging as a means of cooling is prohibited. Sealed ice packs or frozen bottles of mineral water may be used if cooling is required. Before packing, wrap ice packs or bottles of mineral water with an absorbent material such as absorbent paper to prevent the leakage or outflow of condensation. Bottles of mineral water should only be 80% full and must not be filled to the brim to prevent them from splitting open when frozen.

C. We shall only be liable to compensate for the loss of aquatic products for reasons relating to Air China.


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