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First Standard First Flex Business Standard Business Flex Economy standard Economy Flex Economy Saver Economy Superdeal
Class F A C/D Z/J W/Y B/M/H K/L/Q G/V/U/S/T/E/N
Change Fee
In the event of a fare difference, an additional fee will be charged equal to the difference in fares.
Free Free Free CNY 2000 Free For Round-trip journey, the outbound flight is CNY 650 per time; the return flight is free. One way tickets are CNY 650 CNY 650 CNY 1300
Cancellation Fee CNY 200 CNY 200 CNY 200 CNY 3200 CNY 650 CNY 650 CNY 650 CNY 1300
Mileage Accumulation
Air China operated flights
300% 250% C: 200%;
D: 150%
150% 110%
G/V/U: 50% ;
S/T/E: 25%; N: 0
Mileage Accumulation
on flights not operated by
Air China
The class of service provided at check-in by the operating carrier is relevant.
Extra Mileage
Air China operated flights
Advance seat
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