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    Earn Bonus Mileage for Tickets Purchased by Mobile Phone

    To thank our passengers for their support, Air China is offering bonus mileage once more for tickets purchased through a mobile phone. From now until December 31, 2011, Air China PhoenixMiles members can download the Air China mobile phone app by logging on with a mobile phone. If you register using the mobile phone and purchase Air China tickets for domestic flights, you will receive additional bonus mileage.


    Specific incentives:


    First, a mileage award for first registration:

    PhoenixMiles members who register as a user through the mobile phone platform for the first time earn a one-time 500 km mileage bonus.



    1. The PhoenixMiles member earning the mileage award must be the registrant himself; repeated registration is invalid.

    2. The bonus miles earned for first registration are credited once a month, and will be posted to the member’s PhoenixMiles account by the tenth day of the first month after his registration.


    Second, a mileage award for domestic air ticket purchases:


    1. Receive an additional 500 kilometers per segment for full-fare First Class (F-cabin), Business Class (C-cabin), and Economy Class (Y-cabin) tickets.


    2. Receive an additional 200 kilometers per segment for discounted Economy Class tickets, including B-cabin, M-cabin, H-cabin, and K-cabin.



    1. The bonus mileage is awarded to PhoenixMiles members who purchase tickets by registering on the mobile phone platform.

    2. The bonus mileage will be credited to PhoenixMiles member accounts by the tenth day of the first month after the date of ticket purchase.

    3. In case of a voluntary endorsement or refund after the bonus mileage has been credited to a PhoenixMiles account, the additional award miles will be deducted from the PhoenixMiles account by the tenth day of the first month after such endorsement or refund.



    1. Passengers must enter their correct PhoenixMiles card number when registering to ensure proper credit of the bonus mileage to their membership account;

    2. This offer is limited to Air China-operated domestic flights; code-share flights do not participate in the offer;

    3. The bonus mileage awarded in this promotion is non-status mileage;

    4. Segments are counted only once for connecting flights;

    5. Non-PhoenixMiles members must register as a member first before participating in this promotion. Tickets purchased prior to registration don’t qualify for bonus mileage under this offer.  The offer is limited exclusively to Air China PhoenixMiles members;

    6. The offer is limited to adult and child tickets. Infant tickets do not qualify for this promotion.

    7. Download mobile client:

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