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Health Travelling
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If you maintain the same posture for long during a flight, you’ll feel uncomfortable. We recommend that you exercise your legs a bit in your seat from time to time to help relax your muscles. Air pressure changes may cause some discomfort during a flight, and most symptoms will disappear after landing. But if you have an emergency situation, please contact immediately our flight attendants.
Jet Lag

Symptoms include fatigue, slower reaction, memory loss, and inability to concentrate. Lack of sleep also leads to tiredness, headache and dizziness.


If one quickly moves from one time zone to another, one’s 24-hour biological cycle could be thrown into chaos and bodily functional patterns disrupted to a certain extent.


After getting onboard, immediately set your clock to the time of the destination to get yourself prepared mentally for the new time zone.
After reaching your destination, have adequate sleep and avoid straining yourself so that your body can really acclimatize.
If it’s a short trip, try to keep the activity patterns you have in the place you come from, because that helps you avoid double jet lags.

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