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Passenger Traveling with Pet (AVIH)
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Passenger Traveling with Pet (AVIH)

Passenger who needs travel with live animal (such as pet cat or pet dog) should provide the animal quarantine certificate and a valid certificate that qualifies the animal to enter, exit and go through Chinese borders. Small animals cannot be directly taken into the cabin, but must be carried as checked baggage in the cargo hold. Small animals and their containers are subject to excess baggage charges. Air China is not held accountable if the destination country refuses the entry of the small animal the passenger carries or the small animal is injured, escapes, becomes ill or dies in the normal course of transportation.
Please note that Air China has the right to refuse carriage of any untamed or dangerous animals.

What you need to know

Live animals refer to domesticated family dog, cat or bird.
Please make the request for the carriage of small animal (AVIH) when you making a reservation at any of our designated ticketing offices at least 24 hours before flight departure, and you will be asked to fill in the “Application for Carriage of Small Animal”. When making the request, you do not have to bring with you the small animal to be carried and the documents needed for such carriage.
Carriage of small animal must be supported by valid documents required under the laws of the People’s Republic of China or valid documents that qualify for the animal’s entry or exit, such as health certificate and quarantine certificate.
Air China may refuse carriage of small animal which is pregnant or which has just finished labor within 48 hours.
We must first confirm that the aircraft is fit for carriage of live animals, so your request for AVIH is subject to our approval.
Please take the small animal (AVIH) to the airport for check-in and produce the documents needed to the carriage of the small animal no later than 120 minutes before departure on the flight day.
Small animals must be checked at the airport at least 120 minutes before flight departure. Relevant fees related to the carriage of small animals are paid at the airport.

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