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Notice on the Requirements for Entry of Minors into the United Arab Emirates

Notice on the Requirements for Entry of Minors into the United Arab Emirates

Dear passengers,

The United Arab Emirates government has released the notice that, effective immediately, all minors under 18 years of age must meet the following requirements in order to qualify for entry into the United Arab Emirates:

1. If a minor travels with a parent / guardian whose surname is different from that of the minor, a document that provesthe relationship between the minor and the parent / guardianmust be provided. An example of such document is the photocopy of the minor’s birth certificate or the photocopy of a document of similar nature. The name of the parent/guardian must be indicated on the document.

2. If the minor travels with an adult (18 years of age or above)other than minor’s parent or guardian, a letter of authorization signed by the minor’s parent or guardian must be provided, and the letter of authorizationmust be accompanied by a copy of the document that proves the relationship between the minor and the parent/guardian whose name is shown on the letter of authorization. The letter of authorization shall indicate the following information:

- Passenger name and flight details

- Telephone number and address in UAE by which the passengers can be contacted

- Name and signature of parent / guardian

- Telephone number and address of parent/guardian in the country of flight departure

3.Unaccompanied Minor service must be provided for minors who have attained the age of 5 but are under the age of 18 traveling to the United Arab Emirates alone.

Minors who do not meet the above requirements run the risk of being refused entry by United Arab Emirates immigration authorities.

    Please make your travel plans accordingly.

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