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When visitors enter Italy, the items for personal use that they carry in their baggage are exempted from customs duty, but such items shall not be of import trading nature, and their total value shall not exceed EUR 175. The upper limit of the value of items carried by minors under the age of 15 is EUR 90.

In addition, some items (alcohol, tobacco, etc.) taken tax-free into the country are subject to the following restrictions: 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars, and 250 grams of tobacco.

Alcoholic drinks are subject to the following restrictions: 1 liter of distilled alcoholic drinks over 22% or non-denatured alcohol of purity above 80%; or 2 liters of distilled alcoholic drinks, appetizer wine, champagne and strong wine 22% or above or 2 liters of wine of low degrees.

Perfume: 50 grams of perfume and 250 millimeters of freshener.

Coffee products: One of the following is allowed: 500 grams of coffee, or 200 grams of coffee concentrate or Espresso.

Tea products: One of the following is allowed: 100 grams of tea or 40 grams of tea concentrate.

The above items do not count as the EUR 175 tax-exempt items. Items taken into Italy that exceed the above prescribed limits must be declared, and quantities in excess of the tax-exempt limit are subject to customs duty.



Any visitor who lives in non-EU countries is entitled to value added tax breaks when shopping in Italy, but the following conditions must be met:

1. The price of the items purchased must be over EUR 155 (including VAT);

2. The items purchased must be for personal or family use only, and must be carried in the personal baggage of the visitor;

3. The names of the items purchased, visitor’s personal information and the detailed information of the visitor’s passport or other travel documents must be indicated on the receipt;

4. The items purchased must leave EU within 3 months from the day of purchase;

5. The visitor must bring the items that will benefit from tax breaks and the relevant receipt to the EU Customs Entry/Exit Office, which will stamp the customs visa (VISTO DOGANALE) on the receipt to prove that the items are to leave the country;

6. The receipt with the customs visa must be returned to the retailer within 4 months from the day of purchase.

7. The visitor himself/herself must be on the site to sign and collect the tax refund.


* The above information is for reference only. For more, contact the embassy.

* For more information on visa, head to the Star Alliance website.

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