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Sweden has rigorous customs control in accordance with EU laws. Personal articles like camera and clothing can be taken into Sweden tax-free. Visitors who enter Sweden by air or ship from outside EU don't pay any tax if the value of the items (excluding alcohol and tobacco) they carry does not exceed SEK 4,300 (roughly ERU 430). Visitors who enter Sweden by other means of transport don't pay any tax if the value of the items they carry exceeds SEK 3,000 (roughly EUR 300).

Chinese citizens entering Sweden should be quite aware if they carry alcohol, tobacco, food, cash, drugs and hazardous materials. If the amount of the alcohol or tobacco carried does not exceed the limits imposed by the customs regulations and such alcohol or tobacco is just for personal use, visitors don't pay customs tax. Visitors who carry alcohol into Sweden must attain age of 20, and the tax-free limit is one liter of beverage whose alcoholic content is above 22%, or 2 liters of wine whose alcoholic content is higher than 15% but less than 22%, or 4 liters of wine whose alcoholic content is less than 15%, or no more than 16 liters of beer. The tax-free limit for tobacco is 200 cigarettes or 100 cigars, or 250 grams of tobacco. There are no restrictions on foods purchased in other EU countries for personal purposes, but foods purchased in non-EU regions are subjected to strict control if taken into Sweden. Different foods are subjected to different regulations. Meat and dairy products shall be supported by a health certificate and are subjected to quarantine at the border control. Visitors who carry EUR 10,000 or more in cash shall declare to the customs. Visitors can carry prescription medicines for personal health. Only after obtaining the permission from Swiss police can visitors carry spring knife, pepper spray, baton, rivets gloves, hammer, firearm, ammunition and other dangerous items.

For more, please head to the website of the Swedish Customs:


* The above information is for reference only. For more, contact the embassy.

* For more information on visa, head to the Star Alliance website.

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