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Canadian Passenger Protection Plan

The Canadian Ministry of Transportation began to implement ISR on June 18, 2007. The new scheme applies to Canada's domestic flights and international flights which arrive in and depart from Canada.

ISR requires air passengers in Canada (12 years or above) to produce, before boarding, a government-issued ID which features photo, name, date of birth and gender of the passenger, or two government-issued IDs one of which contains the full name, date of birth and gender of the passenger. The name of the passenger shown on the boarding pass must be the same as that shown on the ID.


Restricted Items

Alcohol: Personal items can include 1.5 liters of wine, 1.14 liters of alcohol or 24 cans/355 ml or 8.5 liters of beer.

Tobacco: You can carry 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars, 200 grams of tobacco products.

Controlled, restricted, prohibited items: These include arms, ammunition, fireworks, meat products, dairy products, animals, plants and plant products, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as some foods and medicines. Canada has signed an international agreement on restricting the sale, trade and transportation of endangered animals, birds, reptiles, fish, insects and plants. The agreement also coves the products made with the skin, hair, feathers and bones of these creatures.

Pets: You must contact Canadian Food Inspection Agency Import Service Center first before you take any animals to Canada.

Medicines: Prescription medicines must be certified. The medicines must be accompanied by the original labels, instructions for use and prescription. Or, you should bring a photocopy of the prescription or a doctor's certificate.

Meat, dairy products, fruits and vegetables: Canada has various restrictions on these items. You should try to avoid taking such items.

Gifts: You can take gifts for relatives and friends whose value does not exceed CAD 60. However, you cannot declare alcohol products, tobacco products and advertising materials as gift. Anything in excess is taxable.


* The above information is for reference only. For more, contact the embassy.

* For more information on visa, head to the Star Alliance website.

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