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Before entering the country, visitors must fill in the customs declaration form. Tax-free items that visitors can bring include books, newspapers, magazines and goods for personal use. Their total value should not exceed USD 500, and the amount in excess is subject to tax. Cash or traveler's check should not exceed the equivalent of BRL 10,000 (about USD 6,000). Each visitor can carry up to 12 liters of alcoholic drinks, 200 cigarettes or 25 cigars or 250 grams of tobacco. Visitors who have stayed outside Brazil for more than one year can carry some goods for home and work.

1. The items that need to be declared include: items whose value exceeds the tax-free amount; cash or traveler's check that exceeds the equivalent of BRL 10,000; items whose value exceeds the equivalent to BRL 3,000; personal electronic devices like laptop, camera, binoculars, mobile phone, portable stereo, among others.

2. Items whose entry into Brazil is prohibited by the Brazilian customs authorities: items that are not regarded as baggage; items that are to be sold again or items that are to be used for industrial purposes; ground motorized means of transport, such as car, motorcycle, scooter, electric bicycle and tractor, as well as the means of transport in the air and on water; cigarettes and drinks which are produced in Brazil but can only be sold abroad; tobacco products that cannot be sold in the countries where they are produced; imitation guns; wild animal products, including crafts made from bones and horns; all aquatic products; counterfeit and pirated products; toxic pesticides, including ingredients and finished products; products that jeopardize moral principles, traditions, health and public order; narcotics and drugs.

3. Items whose entry into Brazil is prohibited by the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture: fresh fruits and vegetables; insects, snails, bacteria and fungi; flowers and plants; bulbs, seeds, seedlings and cuttings; pets, such as dog and cat; poultry and wildfowl; exotic species, decorative fish, bird and bee; any animal meat products; milk and dairy products; bee products, including bee and beeswax; eggs and egg products; fish and fish products; seeds, embryos, biological products, sera and vaccines; animal food; soil; unprocessed wood product; biological materials for scientific research.


* The above information is for reference only. For more, contact the embassy.

* For more information on visa, head to the Star Alliance website.

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