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Passenger Traveling with Pet (AVIH)
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Passenger Traveling with Pet (AVIH) > What you need to know

Small animals are defined as domesticated dogs and cats. Animals prone to attack or injure humans like Tibetan Mastiff and Bulldog do not fall into the category of small animals.

Small animals must be accompanied by valid health and vaccination certificates and must be in compliance with the related regulations of the countries of entry, transit and exit in order to be accepted for carriage.

Small animals cannot be taken into the cabin but must be carried as checked baggage in the cargo compartment of the aircraft.

Small animals are classified as special baggage and are subject to special baggage charges.

The total weight of one container for the small animal(s), feed and water shall not exceed 32KG. Otherwise, the container shall be carried as cargo.

Up to two containers for small animals are allowed on each flight.

Small animals can only be accepted for carriage on Air China-operated one-way nonstop flights, but not on connecting flights for the time being.

Air China shall not be liable for any delay of the animal because it is refused entry into or transit through any country, state or territory or for any injury, sickness, escape or death of the animal under normal conditions of carriage.

What you need to know

Request for the carriage of small animals shall be made at least 24 hours before flight departure at our designated ticketing offices. Since only some selected aircraft types are fit for the carriage of small animals, your animal can only be accepted for carriage after we have given our consent and made proper arrangements in that regard. You do not need to bring the small animal and its health and vaccination certificates with you when making your request for its carriage.

Small animals which are pregnant or have just given birth within 48 hours will not be accepted for carriage.

We have the right to refuse to carry the small animals that are not in compliance with our conditions of carriage. In that case, if you decide to give up the carriage of your small animal, you can still check in for your flight as a normal passenger; if you decide to change to another flight, the rules on voluntary change apply.

Before flight departure, we have the right to change the aircraft type. Where the carriage of small animals is rendered impossible by such aircraft type change, you can choose to give up the carriage of the small animals or change to another flight fit for the carriage of small animals.

You must check in your small animal at the airport no later than 120 minutes before flight departure. In that process, you need to provide all the documents required for the carriage of your small animal.

The fees for the carriage of small animals shall be paid at the time of airport check-in.


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