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Passenger, Infant
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Infant passengers are passengers who are more than 14 days old but less than 2 years old at the time of their flight.

1. Transport Requirements
Infant passengers must be accompanied by an adult throughout their flight. For safety reasons, Air China cannot provide transportation services for infants less than 14 days old or premature infants (newborn babies born earlier than 37 weeks into a pregnancy) who are less than 90 days old. We recommend that you opt for an alternative method of transport in such cases. Each adult may fly as the accompanying passenger for two infants (the first infant is eligible for an infant fare, a Child Ticket occupying a separate seat must be purchased for the second infant), one infant and two minors under the age of 5, or one sick infant.
Please note: A medical certificate (a true and valid medical certificate from a medical institution at or above county level that does not have to state “fit for travel”) is required for sick infants.

2. Applicable Fares
An Infant Ticket may be purchased for infants who are under 2 years old on the day of their flight, charged at 10% of the normal adult fare. Infant Tickets do not include a separate seat. Please purchase a Child Ticket if a separate seat is required for an infant. A child over the age of 2 on the day of the flight must occupy a separate seat when flying with Air China for which a Child Ticket must be purchased.

3. Passenger Quotas
In order to ensure flight safety, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) has safety regulations in force governing passenger quotas for each type of aircraft. Infant passenger quotas vary depending on the aircraft type and the flight route taken.
In order to ensure a smooth trip for both you and your children, please let your ticket agent know that you intend to travel with an infant when you make your booking. Once we have confirmed that there is sufficient infant capacity on your flight, we will then issue tickets for both you and your infant at the same time. If you just purchase an Adult Ticket and arrive at the airport with an accompanied infant, there may not be sufficient infant capacity on your flight and your itinerary may need to be changed.

4. Free Baggage Allowances
On domestic flights, infant passengers are eligible for a free baggage allowance of 10 kg. The dimensions of each piece of baggage must not exceed 100 cm in length, 60 cm in width and 40 cm in height.
On international and regional flights, infant passengers may carry one piece of free checked baggage provided that it does not weigh more than 23 kg and its overall dimensions do not exceed 158 cm.
A stroller or bassinet may also be checked in free of charge provided that its overall dimensions do not exceed those allowed for ordinary checked luggage.

5. Infant Bassinets
We are able to provide a free Infant Bassinet Service for Economy Class, Premium Economy Class, and Business Class on international routes on selected aircraft types. Our infant bassinets are suitable for infant passengers who weigh less than 22 lb./10 kg and are under 75 cm in length. If you need to book this service, please submit a request to one of our direct ticket sales departments within the deadline as we can only provide this service once we have made the necessary arrangements.
(1) Sao Paulo Routes
Please submit a request at least 72 hours (inclusive) before the scheduled flight departure and no earlier than 14 days before the scheduled flight departure (not counting the date of departure).
(2) Non-Sao Paulo Routes
Please submit a request at least 48 hours (inclusive) before the scheduled flight departure and no earlier than 14 days before the scheduled flight departure (not counting the date of departure).

You can also book an infant bassinet online through our website.

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