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Musical Instruments That Cannot Be Placed in Ordinary Checked Baggage and Must Be Individually Packed for Transportation


Musical instruments may be carried as checked baggage or brought into the cabin to remain in your custody if they meet the requirements for unchecked baggage. Overweight and oversized musical instruments such as pianos, harps and kettledrums cannot be carried as checked baggage.

If you wish to check in a musical instrument, it must be appropriately packed, in its original packaging or in specialist packaging if possible. The item must be properly packed, locked and fastened, securely tied and capable of withstanding reasonable pressure so that the item can be safely handled and carried by baggage handlers.

You are required to agree to and sign a “Risk Notice” when checking in a musical instrument. In the event of any loss or damage, Air China’s liability for these items shall not extend beyond that for ordinary checked baggage.

Please refer to Requirements for Extra Seat Baggage if you need to purchase the extra seat baggage service for your musical instrument



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