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Items not recommended for inclusion in checked baggage


We strongly recommend that the following items not be carried as or in checked baggage. These items may be brought into the cabin to remain in your custody if they meet the requirements for unchecked baggage. If any of the following items are carried as or in checked baggage, Air China will consider such items as ordinary baggage in the event of any loss or damage and Air China shall not be held liable should these items be confiscated by the government.


(1) Important documents, commercial documents and materials

(2) Tickets or coupons with monetary value

(3) Money

(4) Negotiable instruments such as personal or traveler’s checks

(5) Jewelry

(6) Precious metals and precious metal products

(7) Antiques, paintings and calligraphic works

(8) Fragile and easily damaged items

(9) Perishable items

(10) Samples

(11) Original prints or manuscripts

(12) Travel documents

(13) Electronic devices (not including spare batteries)

(14) Medicine that a passenger needs to take regularly

(15) Ashes


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