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The following items will only be accepted for carriage if they meet Air China’s Conditions of Carriage and Air China has given its prior consent:

1. Items such as precision instruments and electrical appliances. It is recommended that you transport these items as cargo. If these items are transported as checked baggage, they must be properly packed.

2. Firearms and ammunition designed for sports purposes.

3. Sporting goods and musical instruments that exceed size limits for ordinary baggage.

4. Domesticated cats and dogs (cats and dogs that are aggressive, may harm people, are prone to breathing difficulties, brachycephalic, pregnant, less than 8 weeks old, nursing, have given birth within 7 days or are sick will not be accepted for carriage).

5. Guide dogs, hearing dogs.

6. Electric wheelchairs used by passengers during travel.

7. Sharp and blunt implements other than controlled cutting implements, including:

A. Everyday cutting implements (with blades greater than 6 cm in length) such as kitchen knives, fruit knives, scissors, utility knives and paper knives.

B. Professional cutting implements (of unlimited blade length) such as surgical knives, butcher knives, carving knives, planers and milling cutters.

C. Knives, spears, swords and halberds used in martial arts performances.

D. Sticks (including expandable batons and nunchakus), bats, pool cues, cricket bats, hockey sticks, golf clubs, trekking poles, ski poles and brass knuckles (for keeping hands in a fixed position).

8. Tools and other items, including:

A. Tools such as drills (including drill bits), chisels, awls, saws, stud guns, nail guns, screwdrivers, crowbars, hammers, pliers, welding torches, wrenches, axes, hatchets (fire axes), vernier calipers, ice axes and ice picks.

B. Other items such as darts, slingshots, bows, arrows and personal alarms, as well as stun guns, Mace, tear gas, pepper sprays, acidic sprays, animal repellent sprays, etc. that are not subject to national regulations.

9. Dry ice, liquid drinks, cosmetics containing alcohol, etc.

Alcohol that is checked in must be clearly labeled and in its retail packaging. The capacity of each container may not exceed 5 L;

There are no limits to carriage quantities for products with an ABV less than or equal to 24%; each passenger may carry a maximum of 5 L of products with an ABV greater than 24% but less than or equal to 70%.

10. Boxes/bags containing dangerous goods (such as those equipped with lithium batteries) may be transported as checked baggage if they meet the following conditions:

(1) The equipment is constructed or packaged so as to prevent accidental operation (such as removal of the lithium battery)

(2) The lithium content of each lithium-metal battery cell shall not exceed 1 g; the total lithium content of each lithium-metal battery shall not exceed 2 g; the rated power capacity of each lithium-ion battery cell shall not exceed 20 Wh; the rated power capacity of each lithium-ion battery shall not exceed 200 Wh. Each cell or battery must pass all the tests specified in Part III, subsection 38.3 of the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria.

(3) However, if the equipment is defective or damaged, it shall not be transported.

11. Other items whose carriage is restricted in accordance with national laws, administrative regulations or other rules and regulations.


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