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Air China's Corporate Logo

The corporate logo of Air China depicts, with vivid lines, a phoenix that flits across the broad sky. With imagination stretched a bit, the way the logo is laid out recalls the English word “VIP”. The deep red color is used since it’s associated with anything happy, festive, auspicious and lucky in Chinese culture.

But why phoenix? Phoenix is a legendary bird worshiped by the nation since ancient times as the “King of Birds” and as a symbol of good luck and happiness. Chinese ancient literature contains constant references to the bird which flies from the eastern Happy Land over mountains and seas and “Bestows happiness upon the world”; a bird that “Leads the pack” and “Never rests on laurels”.

Which is exactly what Air China calls “Phoenix Spirit”. For Air China, phoenix is a paragon of virtue. As a time-honored carrier, Air China commits itself to promoting and spearheading the development of the country’s airline industry, offering pleasant travel.



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